Our little kittens are born !!! Our little kittens are born !!! Our little kittens are born !!! Our little kittens are born !!! Our little kittens are born !!! Pictures are follwing within the next few days :-))

Cat allergy

Cat allergy? The solution: Siberian Cats !
Unfortunately, many people who suffer from cat allergy believe that they will never be able to have a kitten or a cat in their life. But that is a unnecessary abstinence!
There is a solution.

Siberian Cats – THE race for allergic people
For people with a cat allergy Siberian Cats might be the solution. Based on a genetically different disposition the Siberian cats are indeed in most cases suitable for allergic persons.

It is a fact that the Siberian cats are producing only very low quantities of the glycoprotein FelD1 that is the allergen which causes the allergy. By cleaning their fur only very little of the said allergens is applied to the cats hair. Due to this fact, the levels of allergens are so low that only 2-3% of the humans which are already suffering under a cat allergy are reacting to Siberians too.

To be safe – a simple test gives comfort
To be sure about possible allergic reactions we offer (for free) a kitten/cat specific allergy-test. The aim is to minimize the risk for the new owner and the kitten – and us – to an absolute minimum.

How is that working? Very simple. We make an allergy test set containing little fur-brushes of the kitten and the parents that do contain the allergen. Then you can simply apply them in the areas where you normally have allergic reactions (such as eyes, nose, skin etc.) Within 20 to 30 minutes you will know already if you will react with an allergy to that specific kitten you are interested in.

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